Sunday, August 23, 2009

Issue: Blog entry disappears

Final note for today:

Recently I had a strange problem with the Blog feature of liferay (which I heavily use for my intened web 2.0 features - especially letting "Guest" users write content)

"Blog posts" done by the users (with my own EasyBlog portlet) did not appear in the Blog portlets - but could be found with the admin portlets.
Changing the display time helped! Somehow the timezones of the three different timezone-settings
  1. operating system (ubuntu)
  2. virtual machine (set by the statical portal.propoerties at startup of liferay)
  3. liferay portal
got out of synch - maybe during some "daylight saving" change.

After some research on the topic I had to do a complete restart of my "Plesk" environment anyway - and the problem disappeared. :)

But next time when filling time-related parameters in the liferay API I would by carefull filling the Calendar objects with something from System - but rather search for an according (helper) API by liferay..
Eventually. :)

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