Sunday, November 15, 2009

SEO with liferay - required features

Liferay 5.2 came with a couple of improvements regarding SEO (Search Engine Optimization) For example

  • default friendly URLs
  • automatically generated META tags
  • unique titles
That is really good news. And more importantly: To me it shows, that liferay has understood the the future doesn't only lie in intranet-portals but as well in webpages / business models for the internet.
And well - we all know that SEO is key there.

So here are some additional points that are really required from my point of view to catch up with the other big CMS/Portal solutions:

  1. Themes that are SEO friendly by default. This implies usage of headers (H1, H2 etc) - instead of limited meaningfull elements like "Div"
  2. "Related links" portlet. This would allow smart intra-site linking of pages
  3. Pimping of the "Blog" portlets (better customization possibilites) - as this is one of the main means for user generated content
  4. Default google-friendly 404 handling (Not so critical as it can be fixed as described in this blog entry about the 404 customization)

I'm confident, that liferay will pick up some of these ideas. What do you think?

Talking about catching up with the big cms systems for the internet - like wordpress - a nice "tag cloud" portlet for liferay would be cool. :)


  1. Liferay is the WORST cms EVER!!!!
    Not user-friendly at all.
    There are many things you can't do with it.
    Hard to configure.
    I can't believe it's still used for anything different from Intranets (and I'm not eve sure I'd use it there).
    Keep far from Liferay.
    A friend.

  2. Power of liferay, go check
    Don't blame the tools if you donot know how to use it.


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